Fighting to keep our anime pure, one series at a time.

Because we all know that a riceball is clearly not a doughnut...

Coalition of Anime Purists
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Place where otaku who want thier anime unedited and subtitled or in the raw Japanese can unite.
Community rules and expectations: Please read before requesting membership.

1. Some adult concepts may come up in conversation, if you're under the age of consent (18 in most places), by submitting a request to join, you are acknowledging that your parent(s) or guardians(s) have given you permission to be a part of this lj community.

2. Keep profanity to a minimum. Bigoted comments will not be tolerated, this includes any language that would be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on.

3. Behave maturely. This is a community, not a daycare center. Whining, "he said-she said" nonsense, and other such behavior will not be tolerated. The posting of the community for now is unrestricted and the owner/moderator would like to keep it that way. In essence, if your behavior would violate a school rule, it would more than likely be a no go here as well.

4. Please stay on topic. Posts should be of discussions related to anime. Please restrict topics about video games and J-pop artists, etc. to those who have some anime correlation. Example: Angela's work on the Fafner soundtrack or the Devil May Cry anime. While J-pop, video games, fan-fiction, etc. are great, they are not this community's main focus.

5. Absolutely no spamming of any kind. If you are unsure if your post would be considered spam, please contact the moderator before posting.

6. Please keep one-liners to a minimum.

7. Do feel free to post an introduction about yourself to the other members.

8. Remember to have fun, this community is for those how proudly call ourselves "anime-purists."

9. No harassment or illegal activity is allowed. You will be banned and reported to lj.

10. Respect each other and yourself. Make sure especially to respect your elders in fandom as anime would not be what is is today without them.

11. No "dubbies", this is not dub-lovers anonymous. Though some anime may have a decent dub and that is okay to state here, this community is for the purists.

12. If discussing a topic that may seem more adult, please post behind an lj-cut with a warning.

13. Please, no posting about a hentai. It's an art in its own right, but there are some minors in this community.

* Kaiju, manga, sentai, toksusatsu, may be permitted as long as it sticks to the same rules as our anime does, so kaiju, manga, sentai, and tokusatsu purists-hence, I don't want threads of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dominating the place, etc. However, when discussing them, the subject line must say OT Kaiju, OT Sentai, etc. We're okay with this as long as they don't dominate the community and overshadow the anime as these are in a sense anime's siblings and cousins.*

Failure to comply to the above expectations may get you barred from the community indefinitely.

Head moderator is jezabel_pheonix. She may be contacted via her profile page contacts.
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